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A Maharashtrian model-turned-actor. Pallavi Subhash looks young and innocent — which she is — but beneath that innocence, lies a mature, confident interior.She has to her credit nearly a dozen Marathi films, TV serials, commercials,and plays. The talented girl with her youthful smile and cheery demeanour has mesmerized the audience with her remarkable performance. She was even nominated for the ‘Best Actress Zee Gaurav Award’ for her performance in the film "Kumkum Zaala Vairi". Apparently, Ekta noticed her in "Tumhari Disha" and instantly felt that she had found her 'Gauri' for "Karam Apna Apna". She didn't even have to visit the Balaji studios for the mandatory auditions. Presently she is playing 'Aastha' in "Godh Bharaai" on Sony.

“I don't have a problem doing bedroom scenes"
"One day, just out of the blue, I got a call from Ekta’s office asking me to come and sign the contract for the lead actor for KAA. Before that I didn't even know the location of Balaji office, forget auditioning for the role!”

"My favourite actor is Abhishek Bachan"

"I am dating someone"